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A frozen French fries production line is a highly advanced food processing system designed to automate the entire process of making French fries from raw potatoes to the final packaging. The line includes a range of machines, such as potato washing and peeling machines, cutting machines, blanching machines, frying machines, seasoning machines, and packaging machines.

The entire process is monitored and controlled by a computerized control system, ensuring consistency and quality throughout the production process. This highly efficient and automated system reduces labor costs, minimizes food waste, and increases productivity, making it a popular choice for large-scale French fry production in the food industry.

The Processing Flow of Fully Automatic French Fries Making Line

STEP 1:- PREPARATION As potatoes are received, they are sorted,
and pre-graded to correspond with the type of
French fry to be produced. Potatoes then enter
the line and pass through the destoner and
washing process, before being peeled.
STEP 2:- STEAM PEELING AND INSPECTION After steam peeling, the deskinner removes and
collects the peel waste, and the potatoes are
then washed clean prior to being inspected and
transported to the cutting process.
STEP 3:- CUTTING The cutting process is performed by either a
hydro-cutting or mechanical cutting system.
These machines cut the potato into strips—
crinkled or straight, to the desired size, and
then pass the strips through equipment that
removes slivers and nubbins.
STEP 4:- BLANCHING The potato strips then pass through a blanching
system, consisting of two or more screw
blanchers. Here the strips are gelatinized and
the sugar levels reduced, then they go through
the SAPP—dipping belt, before being pre-dried.
STEP 5:- DRYING During the drying process (which is optional for
smaller lines), the moisture content is reduced,
and the strips are now ready for the frying
process, where the final texture and colour is
achieved. Before entering the fryer the French
fries are transported on the Equilibration belt
to get an even moisture content.
STEP 6:- MULTIZONE FRYING With controlled oil flows together with Multi-
Zone design and the belt return outside the
fryer, Rosenqvists frying system will give you
the best tools to achieve the desired texture
and colour. After frying, the French fries will
pass a defatting step. For coated fries and
other potato products, a batter and pre-frying
step is added before the normal frying system.
STEP 7:- FREEZING & PACKING After the defatting step the golden French fries
will enter the freezer, on their way to the packaging
system. The line can also be equipped
with a pre- cooler installed before the freezer
Introducing of Small Scale Frozen French Fries Production Line

The small scale french fries production line is specially designed for small and medium french fries manufacturers. We offer different models like (300kg/h and 500kg/h) for various potato fries sellers.

The Processing Flow of Semi Automatic French Fries Making Line

Manually FrenchFries Making Machine
Washing and peeling machine: cleaning and peeling process at one time
Cutting machine:cut into strip,flake and julienne shape, adjustable cutting size
Blanching machine:do rinsing and color protection of the cut potato chips
De-watering machine: remove the water from the potato chips,
Frying machine: frying chips
De-oiling machine:remove the oil from the potato chips,
Fast Frozen machine: to frozen the french fries.
Packing machine: packing the frozened french fires

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